What an amazing night for Midnight Sun Massive, they had a  phenomenal turnout for their CD Release Party at Murphy Irish Pub, which was an all ages event.

I arrived around 8:30 pm and could hear Midnight Sun Massive from the streets.  As I walked up the sidewalk into the bar/restaurant area, I  noticed immediately the place was packed! I was so excited, and I could feel the “love” in the air that night.  I looked around and no one was sitting while the band was playing. YES THEY ARE THAT GOOD!!! Actually no one sat down the whole night, Midnight Sun Massive had the crowd on their feet the whole time.

I have seen the band once before, however, Friday night was extra special. The album is their 3rd release — no wonder they had so much drive and energy with this latest one — and to feel the excitement coming from them just really made the night.  They have this mix of  “A”  Soco, Ska and Caribbean sounds with conscious lyrics. I felt like I was in a Tiki Hut somewhere on an Island listening to this band — sipping on a Mojito .

Their performance was a mixture of a drum solos, to guitar solos, to a little bit hip-hop/dance-hall music in the mix.  One of my favorite songs of the night was “Summer Girl” by Ben “Loki-One” Flolo, and Milo Karobi. That song had a funky little groovy beat that you couldn’t help but to get-into the vibe while they were performing.

Another great song of the night that I remembered was “Irie” (To The Max Version) ft. Junior Toots: if you really want to hear a song that is filled with energy and wanna shake your booty, it’s definitely the song to do it to.

One of the many reasons why I like this band is because they have a little bit of everything for just about anybody.

This was a perfect evening to enjoy this CD Release Party with Midnight Sun Massive, and I know they will continue to be truly blessed.

“Special Thanks” to Jolene for inviting Irie Vibe Promotions your hospitality is very much appreciated and you are loved to the fullest!

Check out Midnight Sun Massive on https://www.facebook.com/midnightsunband or their own website at http://midnightsunmassive.com/

Irie Vibe

Ms Angela

Murphy’s Irish Pub
464 1st Street East  Sonoma, CA 95476
707) 935-0660


~ by irievibepromotions on May 29, 2012.

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