Chris Bar in Vallejo, Ca. is a pretty cool place, and I learned that every night could be a different experience. They have a full bar and a kitchen with the best garlic fries around. The drinks are reasonably priced with mixed drinks at around $5.00/beers $3.00, and can’t forget the friendliest bartender around.

There were 4 bands that played Friday night. However, the two that I enjoyed the most were Trevor Lyon, and Skunk Funk Soundsystem.

TREVOR LYON and his band was phenomenal during their performance with their groovy funkness. Trevor showcased his strong voice, and what I call an “Irie Vibe” stage presence. In addition, he is such a great story teller — conveyed through his lyrics —  as he captured the audience’s attention and imagination with his variety of well-crafted songs.

In regards to the SKUNK FUNK SOUNDSYSTEM, I can’t say enough great things about this young band: they really got in a groove, and the crowd couldn’t help feeling the band’s funky vibes when they hit the dance floor! They held the crowd’s attention with amazing and seemingly effortless musicianship — they definitely have that “Wow Factor!” Robert, the trumpet player, did a astonishing job showcasing his skills, along with each member of Skunk Funk performing in their own dynamic and distinctive way. You have to see them perform!

If you want to book an extraordinary show with Skunk Funk please contact me: Angela DeFoe @ (510) 962-1100.

Irie Vibe

Ms. Angela

Chris Bar
656 Benicia Road

Vallejo, CA


~ by irievibepromotions on May 20, 2012.

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