Talented Bay Area Performers Support “AUDIO OCCUPATION” Record Release Party!

Irie Vibes were felt Saturday, May 5, at Ashkenaz in Berkeley, Ca. The venue hosted “Audio Occupation” to help raise money for the Occupy Oakland & Occupy For Prisoners movements; a mix of Bay Area hip-hop, rock, folk, poets & reggae artists donating songs for a common cause: The compilation performances were presented by executive producer by Rob “Reason” Silver

Songs were donated by numerous artists: Zumbi (of Zion I), Junior Toots, Z’Amico, Jae Harmony, Luckyiam, Nate Mezmer, Moria Moore, Michael Healy, Linda X, Volume of Revolution, Rep Life, Sway D, J Million. The musicians came together to raise money and to demonstrate “people power thru music!” The performers on stage that night were: Junior Toots (reggae), Z’Amico (Brazilian funk), Jae Harmony (hip-hop) & special guests.

The group Z’Amico performed a crafty set. These highly-skilled young musicians entertained us with their brand of Brazilian Funk, and had the crowd dancing to Bossa Nova, and Reggae. Their sound is very smooth and unique, and the audience thoroughly enjoyed their performance. If you haven’t seen them perform yet, they are definitely worth checking out!

Junior Toots closed the show. Having seen him perform in smaller venues previously, as well as around the reggae circuit, I was intrigued to see what he would bring next: He pulled it off well, hitting every song with his usual energy and devotion — pogo-ing up and down with the crowd.

Junior always delivers the energy and the crowd showed their appreciation to their favorite  numbers: “Little Bit of Love” (the name of his newly released album) and “Ready to Come Over” and of course we must not forget (performed with Sol-Atash, who sang in her native language Farsi) “Seek the Truth.”  This soulful performance was very enjoyable, and the evening was full of great music for all ages to appreciate.

Much respect to Jr. Toots and Amanda for inviting me to this great show.

Irie Vibes

Ms. Angela

1317 San Pablo, Ave
Berkeley, CA


~ by irievibepromotions on May 9, 2012.

One Response to “Talented Bay Area Performers Support “AUDIO OCCUPATION” Record Release Party!”

  1. I appreciate & am honored by the supportive comments by Irie Vibe 🙂

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