Bob Marley Movie Give Fans an Intimate View of The Reggae Legend

    Reggae fans that haven’t seen the Bob Marley Movie yet are in for a real treat! And if you are one of them, be sure to rush to your local theater to catch the largeness of the late reggae giant on the big screen. The movie takes viewers through Bob Marley’s life; from his humble beginnings in Jamaica to his rise as an International Superstar. His story is told in narrative form by family members, close friends, and business associates.

Never  before seen vintage footage & photos give the movie a fresh look that makes it distinctive from previous documentaries about his life. It is a heartfelt expose’ which include humorous commentary by former band mate Bunny Wailer and others. And, of course, his body of songs assist in painting the picture about his challenging journey toward promoting the Rastafarian culture & reggae music worldwide.

One significant point within the context of the movie is that: reggae music was intended to transmit spirituality from its beats and lyrics. The movie is definitive in bringing light to the truth in regard to the legend’s mythical & mystical life. The Marley Movie definitely satisfies the soul.

Irie Vibe

Ms. Angela


~ by irievibepromotions on April 21, 2012.

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