1st Annual Reggae in the Hills –Angels Camp, CA

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It was an Irie weekend at the “1st Annual Reggae in the Hills” festival last weekend at Calaveras County Fairgrounds/Angels Camp aka “Kindness Zone.”  I was greeted at the gate by the friendliest people I have ever met, who were very knowledgeable about the venue’s locations.  I was fortunate to find a great camping spot (about 40 feet from the 2nd stage and about 100 yards from the main stage). The weather was very hot, but the hillside provided comfortable shaded areas to sit and enjoy refreshments — with a nice view of the Tropical themed stages, LCD video, and “state-of-the-art” lighting — while enjoying  the various fantastic artists that performed on two stages throughout the weekend. The dynamic line up consisted of:




Friday night was filled with people who arrived to set up camp, and get familiar with the line up. Of course, there were a ton of great bands that performed on the stages, but the ones that caught my attention were:

Braata – A young band from the Stockton/Modesto area. They are a reggae/rock/ska band that started the show off with a bang! Even though it was early morning (around 10:30am) when they performed, you would think they were headlining the show! The crowd kept getting thicker and thicker as they played — they very much was a crowd favorite. This young band definitely knows how to rock-a-crowd. I must say, all the members of “Braata” are fun & energetic. However, the lead singer, Lil Sweet Amanda, surely stole my heart with her “spunky spirit” that is a full-of-energy type of personality.

[I spoke to “Kathy,” the manager of Braata, and this is what she had to say about the promoters of the festival: “The Promoters of Reggae in the Hills are very organized, they promoted the shows with great effort. They were easy to work with one-on-one and very reachable when you needed them”  Way to go Reggae in the Hills Promoters!!!]

Lil Chase (JRAS son) – On the smaller stage,  Lil Chase (he’s about 11 yrs old), displayed a unique ability to rap with quick cadence while maintaining a smooth flow. At such a young age, he is a sensation. Wow! That kid really has talent!!!

Arden Park Roots (APR) –  It was the first time I’ve seen them perform, but I have been hearing about this band all over Sacramento. They play a blend of reggae/rock/punk, and are a very cool band — they really rocked the stage. They are a band that’s definitely worth seeing, and I think you will enjoy them.

Alex Marley (backed by Arden Park Roots) – Oh what a sweet & kind soul is Alex . I spent some time with Alex, and he’s got this vibe about him that puts you at ease when you first meet him. His performance was astonishing with his guitar solos; and how exciting it was when he jumped off stage into the crowd, while continuing his solo without missing a strum — Alex Marley is definitely becoming a positive force in the world of reggae music.

Pato Banton and Yellowman

The last two entertainers of the night were simply amazing.  Pato Banton lit up the stage with his fantastic light show, as well as his energetic moves. The veteran performer captured the audience — with his moving rhythms, pulsating beats, and positive lyrical story-telling —  as they danced throughout the entire set. It became obvious to me why he has been a well-loved festival favorite throughout the years. His professionalism, style, and stage presence is something that up-comers should learn.

Yellowman – I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, and he is the performer that people say he is. This experienced reggae star help put Reggae/Dance Hall on the international map. His demanding stage presence is second-to-none, and he kept the audience dancing with his solid energetic performance, by working the stage with continuous movements, along with his commanding voice and lyrical flow. Once again, he demonstrated why he really is a true master and a legend in reggae music.

[I must add something about the Snowshoe Brewing Company: Each beer I tasted from them was absolutely delicious, and really grabs the taste buds. You can locate them at  http://snowshoebrewing.com/ and you can order online.  Shout out to JB: giving thanks for your wonderful hospitality, and looking forward to seeing you again.]

I would like to thank EVERYONE at Reggae in the Hills for their hard work and dedication in putting on a phenomenal festival.  I truly enjoyed myself this past weekend, and will always remember my first time here. I look forward to the 2nd Annual Reggae in the Hills.

Irie Vibe

Ms. Angela



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What an amazing night for Midnight Sun Massive, they had a  phenomenal turnout for their CD Release Party at Murphy Irish Pub, which was an all ages event.

I arrived around 8:30 pm and could hear Midnight Sun Massive from the streets.  As I walked up the sidewalk into the bar/restaurant area, I  noticed immediately the place was packed! I was so excited, and I could feel the “love” in the air that night.  I looked around and no one was sitting while the band was playing. YES THEY ARE THAT GOOD!!! Actually no one sat down the whole night, Midnight Sun Massive had the crowd on their feet the whole time.

I have seen the band once before, however, Friday night was extra special. The album is their 3rd release — no wonder they had so much drive and energy with this latest one — and to feel the excitement coming from them just really made the night.  They have this mix of  “A”  Soco, Ska and Caribbean sounds with conscious lyrics. I felt like I was in a Tiki Hut somewhere on an Island listening to this band — sipping on a Mojito .

Their performance was a mixture of a drum solos, to guitar solos, to a little bit hip-hop/dance-hall music in the mix.  One of my favorite songs of the night was “Summer Girl” by Ben “Loki-One” Flolo, and Milo Karobi. That song had a funky little groovy beat that you couldn’t help but to get-into the vibe while they were performing.

Another great song of the night that I remembered was “Irie” (To The Max Version) ft. Junior Toots: if you really want to hear a song that is filled with energy and wanna shake your booty, it’s definitely the song to do it to.

One of the many reasons why I like this band is because they have a little bit of everything for just about anybody.

This was a perfect evening to enjoy this CD Release Party with Midnight Sun Massive, and I know they will continue to be truly blessed.

“Special Thanks” to Jolene for inviting Irie Vibe Promotions your hospitality is very much appreciated and you are loved to the fullest!

Check out Midnight Sun Massive on https://www.facebook.com/midnightsunband or their own website at http://midnightsunmassive.com/

Irie Vibe

Ms Angela

Murphy’s Irish Pub
464 1st Street East  Sonoma, CA 95476
707) 935-0660


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Chris Bar in Vallejo, Ca. is a pretty cool place, and I learned that every night could be a different experience. They have a full bar and a kitchen with the best garlic fries around. The drinks are reasonably priced with mixed drinks at around $5.00/beers $3.00, and can’t forget the friendliest bartender around.

There were 4 bands that played Friday night. However, the two that I enjoyed the most were Trevor Lyon, and Skunk Funk Soundsystem.

TREVOR LYON and his band was phenomenal during their performance with their groovy funkness. Trevor showcased his strong voice, and what I call an “Irie Vibe” stage presence. In addition, he is such a great story teller — conveyed through his lyrics —  as he captured the audience’s attention and imagination with his variety of well-crafted songs.

In regards to the SKUNK FUNK SOUNDSYSTEM, I can’t say enough great things about this young band: they really got in a groove, and the crowd couldn’t help feeling the band’s funky vibes when they hit the dance floor! They held the crowd’s attention with amazing and seemingly effortless musicianship — they definitely have that “Wow Factor!” Robert, the trumpet player, did a astonishing job showcasing his skills, along with each member of Skunk Funk performing in their own dynamic and distinctive way. You have to see them perform!

If you want to book an extraordinary show with Skunk Funk please contact me: Angela DeFoe @ (510) 962-1100.

Irie Vibe

Ms. Angela

Chris Bar
656 Benicia Road

Vallejo, CA

Talented Bay Area Performers Support “AUDIO OCCUPATION” Record Release Party!

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Irie Vibes were felt Saturday, May 5, at Ashkenaz in Berkeley, Ca. The venue hosted “Audio Occupation” to help raise money for the Occupy Oakland & Occupy For Prisoners movements; a mix of Bay Area hip-hop, rock, folk, poets & reggae artists donating songs for a common cause: The compilation performances were presented by executive producer by Rob “Reason” Silver

Songs were donated by numerous artists: Zumbi (of Zion I), Junior Toots, Z’Amico, Jae Harmony, Luckyiam, Nate Mezmer, Moria Moore, Michael Healy, Linda X, Volume of Revolution, Rep Life, Sway D, J Million. The musicians came together to raise money and to demonstrate “people power thru music!” The performers on stage that night were: Junior Toots (reggae), Z’Amico (Brazilian funk), Jae Harmony (hip-hop) & special guests.

The group Z’Amico performed a crafty set. These highly-skilled young musicians entertained us with their brand of Brazilian Funk, and had the crowd dancing to Bossa Nova, and Reggae. Their sound is very smooth and unique, and the audience thoroughly enjoyed their performance. If you haven’t seen them perform yet, they are definitely worth checking out!

Junior Toots closed the show. Having seen him perform in smaller venues previously, as well as around the reggae circuit, I was intrigued to see what he would bring next: He pulled it off well, hitting every song with his usual energy and devotion — pogo-ing up and down with the crowd.

Junior always delivers the energy and the crowd showed their appreciation to their favorite  numbers: “Little Bit of Love” (the name of his newly released album) and “Ready to Come Over” and of course we must not forget (performed with Sol-Atash, who sang in her native language Farsi) “Seek the Truth.”  This soulful performance was very enjoyable, and the evening was full of great music for all ages to appreciate.

Much respect to Jr. Toots and Amanda for inviting me to this great show.

Irie Vibes

Ms. Angela

1317 San Pablo, Ave
Berkeley, CA


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STIKY FESTIVAL –  Sunday April 22 – Redway, CA

Line Up Included:

with a special blessing from TREVOR LYON

There was something for all ages at the BIG STIKY FESTIVAL this past Sunday, as the festival children were playing with their hula-hoops to the music, people were dancing all around, and everyone was really friendly. The venue provided a nicely open outside area for  vendors, and the kitchen was open for business serving healthy & delicious Ital dishes —  Irie Vibes all the way around!

When I Listened to the Mystic Roots Band (MRB), I became immediately drawn to their stylish roots sound — with a touch of pop added. MRB’s lead vocalist & keyboardist Coot, has a way with the crowd to make you wanna get funky and dance.  No wonder MRB is #1 on everyone’s list to party with!

Junior Toots & Fyah Squad Band provided another fascinating performance with their roots sound, upbeat positive lyrics, and energetic stage presence — just can’t say enough great things about them. Along side Junior was  Sol-Atash. The beautiful young lady sang in her native language Farsi, and “Seek the Truth” was one of my personal favorites.

My Favorite band of the night was Skunk The Funk Sound System. The 4 talented young men had me rushing out of the green room to see them on stage, and listen to their funky bass lines and poly-rhythm drums beats. They had me engaged from the start — definitely a  band to keep watch on!!!

The headline act Prezident Brown graced the stage with his energetic singing, and his tunes were indeed captivating, along with crafty and tasteful lyrics. His lyrics are well known for concentrating on “cultural themes,” and he proved to the audience why he’s such a force in “Roots Reggae” music.

Want to give thanks to JRAS Of Soulifted for his superior MC’ing for the night. And Trevor Lyon with his heart-felt blessings to unity.

And special thanks to Bryon Stiky-Tips for having Irie Vibe Promotions at the show!

Every band there was really great, but these were my favorites of the night.


Ms. Angela

59 Rusk Ln,
Redway, CA

Bob Marley Movie Give Fans an Intimate View of The Reggae Legend

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    Reggae fans that haven’t seen the Bob Marley Movie yet are in for a real treat! And if you are one of them, be sure to rush to your local theater to catch the largeness of the late reggae giant on the big screen. The movie takes viewers through Bob Marley’s life; from his humble beginnings in Jamaica to his rise as an International Superstar. His story is told in narrative form by family members, close friends, and business associates.

Never  before seen vintage footage & photos give the movie a fresh look that makes it distinctive from previous documentaries about his life. It is a heartfelt expose’ which include humorous commentary by former band mate Bunny Wailer and others. And, of course, his body of songs assist in painting the picture about his challenging journey toward promoting the Rastafarian culture & reggae music worldwide.

One significant point within the context of the movie is that: reggae music was intended to transmit spirituality from its beats and lyrics. The movie is definitive in bringing light to the truth in regard to the legend’s mythical & mystical life. The Marley Movie definitely satisfies the soul.

Irie Vibe

Ms. Angela

Press Release – Irie Vibe Promotions

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Press Release

Contact: Angela DeFoe

(510) 962-0774


April 19, 2012



(Hayward, CA)

Irie Vibe Promotions is announcing that it will be promoting, marketing, and booking local, national and international reggae artists in northern California. The small company consist of entertainment specialists, and is headed by its founder, Angela DeFoe, whose love for reggae music, and the Rastafarian culture, motivated her to start her own company. “ I want to be a part of keeping reggae artists working, and create more opportunities to spread their positive music to reggae fans throughout northern California,” says DeFoe. “There’s plenty of great new artists that people in the music world need to hear and know about. Our company intends on introducing them to audiences that may not be familiar with their music.”

DeFoe is presently in the process of negotiating business agreements with various artists to get them booked at venues. In addition, she’s in negotiations to produce other reggae-oriented content. She emphasizes the significance of the culture by stating: “ Reggae vibrations are a multidimensional spiritual force with healing powers. And we want to bring awareness about the depth of the cultural, and how it has evolved over the years with roots music as its heart beat.”

For updated information please visited Irie Vibe Promotions’ Blog Site: www.irievibepromotions.wordpress.com. To discuss possible promotions and/or bookings contact: Angela Defoe @ (510) 962-0774